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Elite Experience Trip – Taste of Phuket

Elite Experience Trip – Taste of Phuket

The summary of elite experience trip visiting Phuket, the “Pear of the Andaman Sea”, one of the best beach destinations in the world where there are plenty of curious and charming blend of cultural influences. The cultural fusions have shaped Phuket to be as the Creative City of Gastronomy named by UNESCO. From distinctive Peranakan Chinese culture, mixed culinary to the famous Sino-Portuguese architecture makes Phuket unlike any other place in Thailand.

No matter what time of the year, visiting Phuket guarantees lots of fun activities and interesting events all year round. Its rich cultural heritage truly offer a memorable experience.

Our team was very delighted to be part of this trip capturing all impressive moments, sharing story of all good things that Phuket and its People had offered in our photographic perspectives throughout this journey. The Taste of Phuket is so much more to end in paragraphs, its amazing cultural heritage is always awaiting travelers to discover…