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Som Tam Jaoying – Part II

@ Patong, Phuket

Som Tam Jaoying – Part II

Photo shooting in progress on the menu and there are more variety of dishes coming out. Som Tam Jaoying offers all popular “E-sarn” (Northeast region of Thailand) cuisine with authentic taste that Phuket has to offer. The little cooking secrets are; chefs hand-picked all ingredients every morning at the market and each dish combines with fresh herbs and local spices such as chili peppers, lime, peppermint, dills, peanuts, dried shrimps, fresh fruits and vegetables. Seasoning with fish sauce and fermented sauce gives them a unique flavor and well mixture. Although the flavor layers are enticingly complex, the preparation of the individual dishes is surprisingly very simple! So, these make E-sarn food becomes predominant.

Som Tam Jaoying is definitely the place to be for dishes to jazz up your culinary journey. Let’s experience… What’s a scrumptious dish and not to b missed!

Photo shooting date: 30-31 January 2021

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