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Covid-19 Lockdown Bang Tao Beach

Stay Lockdown – Part II

Many people would be wondering when life will get back to normal after the COVID-19 crisis. Soon or later, I believe all aspects of normal life will return to the way they were in the post-coronavirus world and its “new normal.” Whether people like it or not, no matter how new lifestyles will no doubt emerge.

This was another set of photos that I had continuously taken during the locked situation from day 21 until day 30. These photos were taken while I had been around the village, from the residential area to the lovely beach “Bang Tao Beach”.

“You don’t take a photograph, You make it.”

– Ansel Adams –

Paint Me Blue Again

Paint Me White Again

Arriving Home


Social Distancing II

Social Distancing III

I Have Panic Attack

Thursday 9 AM

Thursday 5 PM

Thursday 6 PM

Household Product

The Secret Ingredient

Wings of Freedom

Until the Dawn’s Light

Blue in the Dark

In the Basket

Street Hawker

A Never Ending Wait…

Hold Me

Catch of the Day

Mise En Place

A Silent Night

Lights After Dark

The Dancing Tides

Silhouette in Red