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Covid-19 Lockdown Bang Tao Beach

Stay Lockdown – Part I

The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has created a global health crisis that has had a deep impact on the way we perceive our world and our everyday lives. It is bringing significant disruption to both the Thai and global economies. The safety measures have put in place to contain the spread of the virus also require social distancing by refraining from doing in contact of others people or to reduce a social gathering. Within this context of physical threat and to contain the rising number of coronavirus cases, social and physical distancing are imposed by the government to use across the country. This affects some provinces have to lockdown especially Phuket, where is one of the world famous tourist destinations. The land and sea borders on the island have closed and a nationwide curfew is in place at night.

The lockdown urges people to stay home having less access in the public and reduce a gathering. This set of the photographs inspired during a stay home at Bang Tao which aim to portray some angles from how we need to adjust of lifestyle during the crisis, and to the beautiful nature around us having benefit in getting recovery from this pandemic situation.

“Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.”

Where’s the mask?

Work From Home

Long Tail No Sail

Swing Stay Stilll

The Mosque


Morning Footprint

Social Distancing

Sway With Me

Feeling Empty

The Perfect Spot

From The Roof

Hidden Scene

Make A Living


The Village


Silent Traffic


Survival Bags