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Taste of Thai Cuisine

Taste of Thai Cuisine

Food photography is arguably one of the most challenging types of photography out there. A great food photograph can do a lot of things! It can make a viewer hungry, be fond of eating and it can convince a diner to order a dish.

For a few years, we have been passionate about food photography and mostly getting very familiar with Thai food. How is Thai food like? There are lot storytellings behind like no others cuisine. Being a good photographer must understand in every perspective so you can create a great storytelling through photographs. Here is some brief to describe how it like.

Given one of the first things Thais ask each other when they meet up “Have you eaten yet?” It’s clear this is a nation that’s extremely passionate about its food.

While Thai food has a reputation for being spicy, Thai food is actually based on a balance between directs flavors, including spicy, sour. Sweet. Salty and better. Thais goes beyond simply combining the flavors with an individual dish to incorporate the contrast in flavors between two or three different dishes, which is one reason Thai’s share meals and eat “family style”.

One distinctive aspect of Thai food is the use of fresh herbs and spices as well as the inclusion of fermented fish sauce in nearly every dish.

“Good Thai food is a cross between a botanist, a herbalist, a conductor, and a passionate chef.”

A typical Thai meal will combine many tastes, textures, and flavors – in both senses of the word – hot and cold: strong and weak. For instance, there will usually be a soup, a curry dish, a plateful of cold, crisp vegetables with a selection of dips, a large fish dish, and seral vegetable dishes. The goal is to create a perfect harmony of tastes and textures, both with each individuals dish and through the meal as a whole.

The Thai dining experience itself takes foreigners a little getting used to. This is social experience as much as culinary one that is, the food is a shared, communal ritual with its own specific cultural behaviors and characteristics. In this way, many dishes are served at once, and are for the whole table, with each individual having their won plate of rice to serve as the foundation and staging ground for the meal.

The meat is eaten slowly amidst many conversations and often much laughers. After all, this is what everyone has been working fork to enjoy good food with good friends and family. This is why food is at the heart of most social ritual and occasions. It is pleasurable, gives life, and bestows heath.