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Chef Flavio Manzoni

Chef Flavio Manzoni

Chef Flavio grew up on the shore of lake Como where most cuisine of the northern parts of Italy meet with flavors from small farm and mountain artisan style products. As a young boy he watched his grandfather making homemade garden vegetable soup or sun drying the Agoni fish fresh from the lake in front of the house he grew up in. Days would be filled with picking porcini mushroom, fishing trout from the mountain rivers and learning how to prepare dishes for family and friends. He knew this would be great start to his culinary training and eventually formal kitchen qualifications.

“La cucina ‘e it cuore della casa”

“The Kitchen is the Heart of a Home”

His first job was in the prestigious Hotel Villa d’Eeste in lake Como where he learnt the art of balancing flavor with fresh ingredients. This created opportunities all over the world. From the South Africa Palace hotel to private chef for the magnate Leona Helmsley, and Oscar de la Rente. Eventually landing in Bangkok with his own restaurant, frequented by the high society including the crown Princess of Thailand “Sirindhorn”. He decided to move his family to the shores of Phuket opening a Gelato laboratory which still continues today with his wife at the helm.


Source: Instyle Magazine Issue No.: 2, Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach